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August 19, 2020
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October 8, 2020
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Dubai – Fast Becoming the choicest Destination for Office Spaces

In the last two decades, Dubai has seen a sea of transformation, making it the liveliest piece of land in the world for both leisure and business travellers. The most preferred business destination for the global business community, the city, is ideally designed to cater to all sizes and types of businesses from every part of the world.

But what makes Dubai a favourite for all? We will try to figure out in detail below:-

1. Why We Need Office for Rent in Dubai?
Strategically located by the Arabian Gulf, the location of Dubai makes it easily accessible from every corner of the world. The city is also very well-maintained with world-class amenities and all necessary facilities, making it a perfect business destination for start-ups as well as established corporate offices. In the last two decades, it has emerged as the commercial hub of the Middle East, and doing business here has proven to be quite beneficial for entrepreneurs. It is centrally located and lies between both the parts of the world – East and West, increasing the chances of expansions for businesses.

2. Why is Dubai the Best Location for Offices?
Dubai is a city with endless opportunities. There are innumerous factors that make this city the first choice for both new and veteran businesses. The city has carved a niche in the office for rent sphere and today invites all small, medium and large enterprises to establish their business in the places of their choice. It has got several popular commercial and residential areas, such as Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Business Bay, etc. and their close proximity to the Dubai Metro makes each of these localities an ideal place to rent an office space.

Within a span of a decade, the UAE, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, has also become the business hub for most big multinational and global companies. Dubai leads as the number one commercial emirate. In the last little more than a decade, the city has transformed into a smart choice for businesses from across the world to have an excellent range of world-class workspaces, specifically in business centres. Being a port city, Dubai also leads in import and export services, motivating entrepreneurs to set up their offices in there. Thus, office for rent in Dubai can be beneficial for businesses.

3. Document Needed for Booking an Office
When you plan to settle your business in Dubai and start searching for office space there, you will have to follow certain procedures, and submission of necessary documents are part of the procedure. Here are the documents that you will require to book an office in Dubai:

• Online Pre-Approval Application Form
• Copy of Your Passport (Along with your UAE residence visa and a copy of your Emirates’ ID if applicable).
• Proof of Residential Address in Country of Residence
• Copies of Parent Company Documents
• Third-party Approvals for Certain Regulated Business Activities
• Details of an Office Address in DMCC Free Zone (JLT)

4. Benefits: Focus on Deal
a. Renewal Charges
Check the renewal charges. Discuss this beforehand that is when you first-time book your office for rent in Dubai with a business centre. All discussions must be crystal clear, and there should not be any doubts about the cost and charges that you will have to pay later or during the renewal time. Check if any hidden cost is added in your bills. Many office space companies charge exorbitantly during the time of renewal. So, before you sign the agreement of booking, do ask the service providers about the renewal charges. If it is as per the market costs and suits your finances, you can go ahead and close the deal.

b. Location
Location of your office is one of the prime factors that you must not take casually. Ensure it is well-connected and easily accessible from all the parts of the city. Nobody likes to get hassled while commuting to office from home and back. Make sure the office location is approachable using both private and public transport options. It will be easier for both your employees and clients.

c. Office Connectivity
Office connectivity is another matter of concern that you must keep in mind while searching for office space in Dubai. How well-connected is the office will determine how comfortably your employees reach your office daily? If the office is not well-connected then not only your employees, even your clients won’t like visiting your office.

d. Cost-Effectiveness
Dubai has got a huge inventory of office spaces that are available in various sizes with an array of facilities and services. You can choose your office space as per the need of your business. However, make sure whatever you choose, is cost-effective and does not affect your finances. There are several office options in this city of UAE, and you can easily find one that suits your pocket and also meets your requirements.

5. How Rental Offices Reduce Indirect Expenses?
In the last more than a decade, Dubai has become home to many multinational companies and global corporations. The reasons are many, and the major one is its huge inventory of competitive rental office spaces. There are several options in rental offices, from shared offices spaces, serviced offices, co-working spaces, private offices, executive offices, virtual offices and more.

Most of the rental offices in Dubai are well-furnished, and ready-to-use with all necessary equipment put in place, something that makes settling business in Dubai very easy for both locals and ex-pats as there is no hassle of setting up an office space. The offices are also available with all maintenance and other essential services to make the functioning of businesses very smooth.

Companies, booking their office in such spaces are only required to pay inclusively for all the services and assets as part of the all-inclusive package. The payment is as per the usage. Whatever assets or services are available are used by multiple companies, entrepreneurs and professionals, who work under the same roof in shared/serviced environment. This shared and serviced office spaces help in reducing the indirect expenses, as the companies do not have to purchase office furniture and equipment, nor do they require to hire maintenance and cleanliness professionals and other office management staff. All the assets and services are shared, so even the expenses are shared.

6. Must-Have Commodities and Technologies in Offices
In this digital age, where technology has impacted every sphere of our lives, it would be sheer illogical to think that offices for rent in Dubai, can be exempted from the exponential expansion of technology. The offices in Dubai are well-equipped with most advanced commodities and latest technology services, aiming to make the office environment highly productive and effective for businesses.

The Internet has become a topmost priority today, so ensure that the office that you book has got the necessary connections and also the speed that your business requires. Additionally, offices must be equipped with the latest tele- and video- conferencing tech facilities to cater to the business meeting and conferencing needs. All the essential IT devices and equipment must be the latest ones and should be in the best condition. The desktops and workstations must be properly equipped and connected to the network. Whatever network or office equipment are available must be in working condition and with upgraded applications and software.

Safety and security of office premises are of utmost priority. So, do check if the premise has CCTVs installed in its every nook and corner. Moreover, arrangements of tea/coffee and light snacks can be a great addition to make the setup perfect for business operations.

7. Must Read all Terms and Conditions
Before signing the agreement for office for rent in Dubai, make sure you have read the terms and conditions carefully. If you find any difficulty in understanding the terms, hire an agent or a consultant for the purpose, who would guide you in the right direction. Ensure whatever service the service provider is committing to provide you is mentioned clearly in writing in the terms and conditions document and the agreement to avoid any dispute in the future.

8. Different Type of Offices Space in Dubai

a. Serviced office
These plug-play offices are fully-serviced, and you pay for the services you use. Everything is available and ready-to-use. You just have to walk in and start your operations.

b. Virtual Office Business
Virtual offices are no physical offices, but manages the business communication services of companies, while they operate remotely. You get dedicated phone line, an office address for business communication, office assistance to attend to your business calls and related services, while you can choose to work from home or other location of your choice.

c. Meeting and Conference Room
Meeting and conference rooms are needed to conduct business meeting and conferences when required. These rooms are fully furnished, with all necessary and latest conferencing facilities for meeting and event purposes.

d. Business Lounge
Generally, used to unwind after long office hours or in-between. The lounges are equipped with coffee and snacks counters. One can sit here and relax. Also, the sittings arrangements are very comfortable. Many times, people prefer to conduct clients and business meeting in these lounges for the relaxing atmosphere they provide.

e. Private Office
These are designed for companies that need private setup. If you are into a business that requires privacy, then Dubai has office space options for you that can actually provide you with this solution.

f. Co-Working Offices
Co-working offices in Dubai are common working spaces, where several professionals, groups and companies working in different projects for different companies sit and work under the same roof, and they share all the services and equipment offered by the service provider.

g. Day Offices
These offices are fully-furnished with a phone line and wi-fi connections. They are mostly open during the day time and can be booked as per the requirement.

9. Final Checklist Before Choosing Office for Rent in Dubai
Before you sign the office for rent in Dubai agreement, ensure you have checked each and everything service and facility properly. The surroundings, the atmosphere inside and outside, the connectivity, the locality, the safety & security, the office equipment, the office assistance, the design, the setup, the maintenance services, hygiene, sanitation services, etc. must be checked stringently. However, you can always hire a professional consultant or agent for the purpose.

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