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Use of Site Restrictions

The contents of this site can only be leveraged for any non-commercial or personal use. Usage of this site or the content it incorporates outside this scope is expressly forbidden, including republication, duplicating, selling, re-licensing, redistribution, posting, uploading, proxy caching, distribution, publication, transmission, deletion, removal, modification, or any other dissemination without our explicit permission. No framing techniques are allowed to alter the look of the logo or the trademark of OBK. Similarly, you are not allowed to use any hidden text or Meta tags without a prior written consent by the authorities of OBK. Use of extraction and data gathering tools, such as robots and spiders, are strictly prohibited.

Modifications to the Service

OBK reserves the right to discontinue or modify, with or without notice to User, permanently or temporarily, discontinue all or part of the Service, without being obliged to update or support the service. Once the amended terms have been made effective on the current site, user’s continued use of the Service constitutes User's affirmative: (a) an agreement to abide by the amended terms; (b) acknowledgement to the amended terms. The company is not liable to any third party or the user in the event that any part of the service is discontinued/modified.


Before you purchase one of our subscription-based services, you need to warrant that all the submitted information is accurate, legally valid, and true, including the expiration date of your credit card, billing address, and your credit card number(s), in addition to an explicit agreement to pay all expenses incurred, including the subscription fees, additional usage fees, and all applicable taxes.

  1. Payment of all applicable charges are to be made monthly via the valid credit card(s) that you have designated. OBK must be promptly informed of the following changes: Your billing address, expiration date and the account number of your designated credit card(s), and the loss, theft, or cancellation of your designated credit card(s). Once the due date has passed, you shall be charged with a late payment fees.
  2. If an agent or the card issuer fails to make good on the monthly payment of your account, you agree to pay the pending dues upon demand, including the collection costs and the late payment fees. Each time one of our services is availed by you, you agree to have the company charge your designated card(s) and allow the company to accumulate the charges incurred during the billing cycle and present them as aggregate at the end of each cycle.
  3. All Service packages comprising of the Virtual Mail Box services include as part of the recurring service fee a fixed number of package address labels and /or monthly envelopes. Additional usage beyond the subscriber’s monthly plan will be billed by the company. The company reserves the right to solicit extraneous charges related to customer requested actions, such as mail forwarding, mail content scanning, or any other action entailed owing to a lack of customer communication.
  4. As part of the recurring service fee, all service packages containing live webchat limit the number of transactions per month, and usage beyond the subscriber’s monthly plan will be billed by the company.


Company Trademarks include, but are not limited to, trade dress, designs, logos, brands, marks, names, and other pertinent designations used by the company in conjunction with various services. Company holds the right to Company Trademarks and user must acknowledge that the use of Company Trademarks is only allowed under the circumstances that it is benefiting the company.

Damages Waiver

User must not alter, deface, or damage the equipment, floor, ceilings, walls, furnishings, furniture, meeting space, or make any offensive, improper, or unlawful use of the common area facility or the meeting space. User must not damage any part of the property or cause a disruption to the working environment of any occupant of the building. At the end of your contract with us, we expect to find the office or meeting space assigned to you in as good a shape as you found it in, barring usual wear and tear. The user must consent to pay additional charges in the events of causing damage to the facilities.

At any point in time, the company can enter your reserved meeting space for an impromptu inspection or for alteration or repair works. If repairs are made necessary due to any omission or act by the user, their invitees, guests, or employees, the company reserves the right to charge for a reimbursement on the costs of repairs incurred. The company cannot be held liable for risks of loss pertaining to the personal property of users and their invitees, contractors, employees, and agents, about or within the facility. The user must agree to waive all such acts of recovery against OBK, and our employees, servants, agents, officers, and directors for damage to or loss of your property that is under your control.


Client recognizes that Client may, in the course of obtaining or using the Services, come into possession of or learn confidential and proprietary business information of OBK ("Confidential Information"). Client agrees that during the Term of this Agreement and thereafter: (a) Client shall provide, at a minimum, the care to avoid disclosure of unauthorized use of Confidential Information as is provided with respect to Client's own similar information, but in no event less than a reasonable standard of care; (b) Client will use Confidential Information solely for the purposes of this Agreement; and (c) Client will not disclose Confidential Information to any third party without the express prior written consent of the Company. Upon termination, Client will promptly return to the Company any Confidential Information. If the Company transfers its business or any business segment that provides Services to Client, the Company is authorized to transfer all User information to Company's successor.

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