Virtual Office in Dubai

Grow your business with our flawlessly designed virtual offices with a dedicated receptionist and secretarial/office support. At OBKBC, we offer you a permanent and prestigious business address at a minimal cost, compared to a full-time physical office space cost.

Virtual Office - Trend That Allows You to Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Business owners can work from home or in another remote location, while virtual office assistants manage their business communication and many other secretarial jobs. In Dubai, the law does not allow a business to use its home address as a marketing office for any business. Therefore, companies cannot use the home address in marketing material like websites and business cards.

Virtual Office Packages

We at OBK Business Centre provide different types of virtual office packages according to your business needs. You can get our high-quality service to deal with your business needs without undergoing the burden of unwanted expenses.

Create a Stress-Free Work Culture

A Virtual office is the best choice for startup entrepreneurs because it avoids the complications involved with traditional office rentals. The virtual office brings you the freedom to communicate with companies or businesses from anywhere, with a dedicated business address and office phone in the UAE. In a virtual office for rent in Dubai, clients don't need to have any physical space or rental contract to avail the services. They get a business address, dedicated telephone answering, and even fax and email services as and when needed with just a monthly fee.

There are plenty of advantages to getting our virtual office package. Some of them are:-

  • Freedom from the stress of rental equipment and office premises.
  • No dedicated personnel for management and administration are needed.
  • Our package is customised in terms of the services needed.
  • Cost is comparatively lower than traditional offices.
  • There is no need for maintenance costs in a virtual office; the only cost incurred is the package itself.
  • You need not relocate or delegate personnel from the company to work in a virtual office; the service providers handle all the services on your behalf.

Our Virtual Office Services In Dubai

Operate Your Office from Home or a Place of Your Choice

Virtual offices in Dubai offer the business investor the essential facilities of conventional offices but with reduced cost. In addition, a virtual office for rent in Dubai is the best option for foreign professionals who like to extend their business activities in Dubai. With a virtual office, the company will have an appropriate physical presence and easy access to Dubai's potential business partners and local customers.

Our professionals manage it along with the following services:-

  • A receptionist to handle the daily chores of your business.
  • A private and dedicated telephone number through which business calls will be received and redirected upon request.
  • Availability of meeting room booking for business meetings with collaborators and clients as and when needed (with an hourly cost).
  • Telephone and mail forwarding services as per the owner's needs.
  • A local phone number for potential clients and business partners to reach you.
  • A notable business address in Downtown Dubai to carry out business operations and represent the company locally.

Key Features to Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency

You can avoid unreasonable office lease arrangements, exorbitant office space costs and forced commitments. All you will need to do is choose one of our virtual office service packages that suit your business needs. By selecting our virtual office, you will have easy access to our business expertise and our professional business services as and when you feel their need.

  • On-demand, world-class boardrooms
  • Cutting edge IT solutions in offices space and ultra-modern facilities
  • Professionally trained, motivated, in-house team to assist you in your corporate services
  • Access to well-equipped working spaces
  • Network with a pool of talent
  • 24x7 Office assistant
  • Perfectly furnished meeting and conferencing facilities
  • Smart and cost-effective office solutions to manage your business communications and other administrative activities while you are away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why OBK Business Centre virtual offices?
OBK Business Centre virtual offices are most perfect for small companies, independent professionals, start-ups, and new entrepreneurs, though many big companies are also finding these offices ideal for their remote location professionals. Virtual offices allow professionals and businesses to operate from home or any place of their choice, while they manage most of the business communication operations from the office premises. These offices are ideal for companies and individuals who want to operate from home or any remote location. Know more about OBK Business Centre Virtual Offices.
What services are provided in virtual offices?
You get an office address at one of the most prestigious localities of one of the most beautiful and advanced cities in the world. Moreover, you also get mailing services, dedicated phone lines, fax services, professionals to attend to business calls, receptionist services, and more as per the demands made.
Can companies use OBKBC’s virtual office addresses for company registration?
Yes. OBKBC's virtual office services are extended to companies both local and international, which also include the business address package. Companies can use the address for all business communication purposes including company registration.
How good and secure is the Wi-Fi connection at OBK Business Centre?
OBKBC lounge offers secure and high-speed Wi-Fi connections that also includes access to refreshment amenities for all clients. It has invested a lot in making the connection reliable as it knows how much crucial internet and Wi-Fi connections are today for businesses. The company has multiple connections to maintain the workload. The connection is password-protected, access to which is available only with the system admins.
What are the rental charges of OBK Business Centre virtual offices?
There is one fixed rental that clients have to pay every month. However, if they choose to make the payment on a quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis they can do it as per their convenience. The cost is as per the usage and that is you pay for what you use and nothing else. There are no additional charges. The company also offers different packages for different services and rentals are based on the services and package you take.
What is the duration of the virtual office contract?
It depends on the demand and requirements set by the clients. If their requirement is for a month, it can be provided for a month and so on. The contract can be signed as per the client’s requirement from monthly to quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly basis. It should be agreed upon and mentioned in the agreement signed by both the parties.
How can I book a virtual office with OBK Business Centre?
It is very simple. All you will need to do is, contact our representatives on the given contact details or write to us directly. After all the booking formalities are done, your office will be ready in less than 24 hours.
Can I cancel my booking mid-way?
No. If you take membership for a year, your membership cancels once the year is over and if you take a membership for a month, your membership can be cancelled on the last day of the month, that is after the month is over. So, cancellation happens as per your membership choice.
NOTE: There are no refunds if you wish to cancel or leave the premise mid-way.
How to cancel the booking of the virtual office with OBK Business Centre?
For cancellation of bookings, you can get in touch with our team. The team will arrange for the billings and other formalities if any. Please read our refund and cancellation policy.

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