Virtual Business Packages

Virtual Business Address Packages

When businesses are only just starting out, the extortionate overheads of renting a physical office location can have a great impact on bottom-lines. Why not capitalize on our virtual office? OBK offers flexible virtual office solutions for businesses, providing your business with all the physical facilities requirements and daily administrative support without burdening you with unnecessary, ongoing, and heady expenses.

Take your business to unprecedented heights of success with ongoing access to state-of-the-art amenities, secretarial support, dedicated receptionist, immaculate interior styling, and a credible, permanent business address at a fraction of the cost you would have had to incur while paying for a full-time office space. Discover how to circumvent expensive commitments and personnel costs, and steer clear of exorbitant lease arrangements, by selecting one of our virtual office service packages. We make sure that your business has access to professional and expert key business services whenever you need them and as you need them!

virtual office packages

Virtual Office Packages

A Virtual Office Customer will Receive:

  • Use of OBK address and telephone number
  • Professional call answering and forwarding under their company name
  • 24/7 access to voicemail box
  • Mail and fax handling as per Customer instructions

Products and Services

1- Business Address Package

OBK provides you with a credible address to instill in your clients a new level of trust and respect in your services. Our business address package can provide your business with a wide array of convenient and accessible features at an affordable monthly rate, including courier and mail management services, and a prestigious head office location, regardless of where you are running your business operations from.

Leverage OBK’s mail forwarding package and premium address, designed to offer flexible options for mobile operations. Our experts guarantee that your faxes, letters, and packages get delivered wherever you need them, regardless of your proximity. Our customers may choose to have their mail forwarded once weekly or more frequently to the address they provide or collect their mail whenever they desire.

2- Telephone Answering Package

If the nature of your business entails a dedicated receptionist and a local telephone number, our telephone answering package is at your disposal. Our live telephone answering service makes sure that you catch all business opportunities that come your way with a professional, friendly, and dedicated receptionist. With OBK, you receive:

  • Professional call answering and management
  • Round the clock access to your private voicemail box
  • Messages managed by either telephone, voicemail, email or SMS

3- Receptionist Services

There are three essential aspects to every small business; financials, contacts, and creating a first great impression. Personal communication goes a long way in creating a lasting impression. Without the presence of a friendly voice, clients get pushed away, since they feel a lack of personal connection. At OBK, we make individual relationships and fewer voicemails as our ultimate goal. With our highly trained and finest receptionists, make sure that you never miss a business call. This is why, not only does an OBK receptionist handles all incoming calls during the peak hours of the day, but they are also available on weekends, after hours, and in your time zone.

4- Address and Telephone Package

This is the ultimate virtual office package that not only grants you with all the amenities above, but also gives you access to a private office for five days a month. If you cannot be available or readily accessible round the clock, or your goal is to make an impact, we are here to cover for you. Our virtual office package gives you a helpful professional at the end of the phone when your clients need them, and a premium business address, where your mail can be managed and received. Not to mention, you also get a private office access for five days a month, to use wherever and whenever you desire.

Customer Requirements

  • Professional call answering and management
  • Round the clock access to your private voicemail box
  • Messages managed by either telephone, voicemail, email or SMS
  • Sign a Virtual Office Service Agreement and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Complete any country required mail handling documentation (where applicable)
  • Pay retainer equivalent to two months fees*
  • One month pro-rated Virtual Office fee in advance
  • All invoices on or before the due date
  • Monthly costs of forwarding mail including but not limited to postal charges and supplies
  • Additional services used during agreement period
  • Provide notice of termination at least 90 days before the end of the agreement or the agreement will automatically renew. The termination notice is sixty days for agreements of three months. If the agreement is shorter than three months, the notice period is one week less than the period stated in the agreement.

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