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January 14, 2020
Benefits of Co-Working Space in Dubai
February 26, 2020
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Over the years, work culture has kept changing all over the world. But while the earlier focus was more towards making the working space just a working space without thinking about the comfort of the workers, today we see, a growing number of companies are realising the benefit of making the workspace employee-friendly. More innovative ways are found to create a productive environment. Almost every day we see, new working space formats. This is where OBK Business Centres come into play.

You can feel the difference only when you walk into one of the co-working office spaces in Dubai that are filled with both energy and enthusiasm. You will find all types of options from private desks to big round tables where teams sit and strike some interesting and grasping conversation. Again, you would find some in the lounge area, trying to figure out a solution to some problem while sipping on a few cups of coffee, tea or their choice of drinks. We are heading towards a new work culture of co-working spaces and OBK Business Centre is playing a key role in providing excellent co-working spaces in Dubai to businesses of all types and all sizes.

What is a Co-Working Office Space?
These are shared workspaces, essentially designed for all sizes of a team starting from an independent professional seeking a single workstation to a start-up with a few staff and even new entrepreneurs, small enterprises and more. Co-working spaces are available at low cost as compared to traditional or rented workspaces. Ideal for small teams or freelancers who are looking for an office environment and wish to escape the isolated environment of home or coffee shop, where they find too many distractions. The co-working spaces in Dubai are well-equipped with hot-desks, private cabins, cubicles, meeting rooms, private conference rooms, cafeteria, lounges, etc. and you will find working professionals and new entrepreneurs flocking these spaces.

Therefore, if you are an independent professional, freelancer, new entrepreneur, start-up, small business setup, a business traveller with an official purpose, looking for a flexible and independent working space fully-furnished with all necessary amenities to function smoothly then coworking spaces are the best options for you. With an increasing number of professionals preferring to work independently, we will see more of co-working spaces coming up across the world.

How Does Co-Working Space Benefit You?

For start-ups, co-working spaces are a perfect place to find new opportunities for growth and success. The first and foremost thing about it is, co-working spaces are very affordable and the company that has just begun would save a huge sum of their investment by renting a co-working space. They can use that savings amount is far more important work, maybe the marketing of their product or some production, etc. Moreover, co-working spaces open immense opportunities to interact with other small and more skilled professionals and teams. They might also find experienced freelancers to work for them, or even somebody might get interested in investing in their business. They can connect with the right people at the right time as co-working office spaces have professionals from a wide spectrum of domains.

Small Enterprises
Co-working spaces are becoming popular with small enterprises too. The reasons are many due to which small companies are finding co-working as the most perfect office solution. The most evident one is a low cost, flexible working hours, prestigious office location, opportunity to work with big teams under the same roof. Moreover, they get all the services and office equipment, buying which would only add to their annual expenses if they rent a traditional office. They also have the opportunity to share space with industry biggies, which can be beneficial for them. Co-working offices have all kinds of professionals from wide-ranging domains. Freelancers and independent professionals can be of great help to them in crisis.

Independent Professionals/Freelancers
Co-working spaces are fast becoming the choices place for freelancers. The factors like flexibility, productivity, and well-equipped environment motivate freelancers to escape from an isolated working environment. Most of the freelancers either work from home or some coffee shop or some isolated place of their choice. The reason they are incapable of focussing on their work properly. Co-working spaces are perfectly designed for freelancers and can give all the necessary office equipment and services to make their functioning very convenient. Moreover, they also get a sense of working with a professional community, which is not possible if they work in isolation. They get the opportunity to meet various kinds of professionals and share their knowledge, which is very beneficial in their growth. Their scope of getting work grows in a co-working space. And the best of it is, they get everything at a very low cost, which otherwise is not possible for a freelancer to afford.

Women Entrepreneurs
When you are new to the business community then everything seems very new and challenging as a woman, more so when you have small kids waiting for you at home. Even booking an office space looks daunting. And when it comes to managing all the setup and buying all the equipment and investing in things you may not know how successful it would be, it becomes additional stress on you. This is when co-working spaces come as a real face-saver. You get a diverse range of benefits and you don’t have to take the stress of setting up your office and you get everything at a very affordable cost.

Co-working minimises your stresses and hurdles. You get a ready-to-use office space or workstations as per your requirement and you pay just for that much space. It helps you in maintaining a proper work-life balance.

Larger Organisations

It is observed many big multinationals companies are moving to co-working spaces. When they have to move to new locations or have plans to open new branches in new destinations then co-working spaces emerge as a great option. Without having to bother about setting up offices, buying office equipment, furniture, hiring maintenance people, looking after every small and big problem within a premise to taking care of safety and security of the offices, they easily get everything in a coworking space. Co-working spaces have a great advantage when it is about opening a new office. Companies don’t need to take care of every minute thing to run the business smoothly in a shared working environment, rather they get all the services and that too at a very reasonable price. Moreover, it also allows employees, collaborate, contribute, share and learn together.

Business Travellers
If you are a business traveller who has to travel often for business purposes, then you already know the pain of managing your working from a hotel room, a coffee shop or some lounge or event venue. This is when you find co-working spaces far better than other available options as you get the right people around you in a more productive and efficiently designed working environment. Here you can book a desk if you are a frequent traveller to a particular destination and use it as and when you are there. You can also book a desk or meeting room as per your usage time. You only have to inform your service provider for the services. It is far more convenient to work from a co-working space than any other space, however comfortable it may be, as you get all kinds of office services and devices when you need them to resolve your problems. Co-working spaces are equipped with all necessary office tools and devices for official purposes.

Wrap Up
OBK Business Centre has understood this growing demand of professionals, entrepreneurs, small enterprises, freelancers, business travellers, start-ups very well and designed a fully-furnished business hub in the most prestigious location of Dubai with well-equipped \33 for all. You will have to visit the business centre to understand it better. The company is in the business for the last many years and understands the diverse requirements very well. You can contact their representatives for further information. If you have plans to set up your business in Dubai and looking for a co-working office space then you don’t have to worry, OBK Business Centre will help you in the entire process and make the process hassle-free for you.

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