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February 11, 2020
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March 3, 2020

Benefits of Co-Working Space in Dubai

Sense of Sitting in a Big Office

The very first thing is, small businesses and start-ups’ employees get the sense of sitting in a big office. This feeling plays a big role in many senses from appealing quality professionals to attract good clients. There is an adage, ‘the first impression is the last impression’ and this adage makes a lot of sense here. Your appearance, presentation and the environment you work do create a sense of trust in people who want to associate themselves with you in business.

Feeling of Community

Co-working spaces give a feeling of community to the people who work there. It is easy to meet people from different domains and different professions. People are focussed on their domain, yet they have the opportunity to share their knowledge with people from other domains. This many times results in the creation of new and meaningful ideas. The flexibility, creativity and the inspiring atmosphere is something that people working there yearn for. It is more encouraging for small groups, new entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals, start-ups, small enterprises and companies that are looking for a cost-effective but productive work environment. Though you are working independently, yet you are not alone. The loneliness and feeling of isolation that grips many independent professionals can be conquered with these spaces.


Great Networking Opportunity

Co-working spaces are great or networking. You meet people from the various industry under one roof. You have the opportunity to share ideas and learn how other businesses operate. You are exposed to diverse industrial cultures which is a value addition. This quality of co-working spaces makes the environment very inspirational and encouraging.


The most attractive deal of co-working space is you pay only for the services and space that you require to run your business. So, instead of buying an entire building to run your business or rent a full private office space, which comes very expensive, the co-working office spaces and serviced offices come very cost-effectively. The cost keeps varying as and when your requirement and usage changes and there is no fixed cost that you will have to bear whether or not you use the space. However, you get all the services and facilities and maybe even better than many self-owned offices.

Fully-Equipped Working Environment

The most appealing factor of co-working spaces is they are fully-furnished to meet the unique requirements of every co-habitant. You get everything, well-maintained and well-kept in the place they should be for your convenience. You get well-equipped conference rooms, mail service, audio/video devices, projectors, hi-speed internet, scanners, printer, photocopiers, free beverages, cafeteria (free and paid both), free parking, and healthy snacks, making your working hours easy and comfortable. These amenities are beneficial for small companies and individuals who would have to spend a huge amount on these otherwise if operating from a self-owned office. However, most small companies or independent professionals are not well-off to equip their offices fully to clients’ satisfaction. Moreover, in this environment, your business is seen as more reliable to your clients. It makes a big difference.

Many co-working office spaces also maintain fitness centres, yoga rooms, pool and snooker room or a gaming room to make the environment completely employee-friendly.

Flexible Payment Options

Co-working spaces in Dubai or anywhere in the world has got flexible payment options. This feature is very attractive for all sizes of business, as there is no business small or big that won’t love to cut unnecessary expenditures and save money without compromising on the quality of service and work environment. Moreover, using flexible payment options you can opt for daily, weekly, monthly or annual payments, whichever is convenient for you. Your cost is dependent on the services and space you utilise and keeps varying from time to time on your usage. So, there is no urgency of booking more seats keeping your plans in mind. You can expand anytime you want.

Free from Administration and Maintenance Related Work

This not only takes away much of your time but also a huge chunk of your money. Moreover, most of your time is involved in looking after office administration related work if you operate from a self-owned office. Whether office supplies are there, cleaning and dusting jobs, electricity and water supply issues, furniture, office equipment, and other damages. This requires a full running department to run smoothly. If you have booked a co-working space, then you are free from this burden as these places have a completely dedicated department to take care of these works. You have no extra responsibility except for managing your own business. So, it helps in increasing your productivity.

At OBK Business Centres, you will get all the services customised to your needs. You can opt from the wide-ranging office space options it has on offer.

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