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Dubai is the Right Place to Start a Business

Dubai has won the award for becoming the most favourite city in the world for business travellers. And why not? The city has got every component to make it the most preferred city for the business community. The locations, the atmosphere, the amenities, the culture and the accessibility from every part of the world, everything together has made Dubai amongst the most loved city for business activities. Today we see, many big brands have made Dubai their home, and many more are in the process of shifting their business to this port city. Moreover, perfection in every aspect has also made independent workers and new entrepreneurs to make Dubai their city of work. The city is so well planned and maintained that almost every new and experienced entrepreneur wishes to establish their business in Dubai.

So, what are the components that make Dubai the right place to start your business? Here we will discuss some of the factors that influence business to come and set up their business here.

Strategically Located
Situated equidistance from every part of the world, Dubai is easily accessible from almost all the countries of the world. An ancient port city, it also has a very established shipping sector. Lying by the Persian Gulf, the city opens many opportunities for business that needs sea route or seashores to flourish. This also opens Dubai to the people who love to travel by sea route.

Easy Legal Process
To start your business in Dubai, you will not require too many documents. The process is very easy if your history is spotless and you have all the necessary papers ready. You should not have any criminal background or any kind of tax evasion or business fraudulence in your country of origin. If your records are clean, then nothing can stop you from setting up your business in Dubai.

Flourishing Economy
Dubai has a flourishing economy, hence opens a huge opportunity for businesses of all types. The city has got a trade relationship with multiple developing countries of the world, which is an added advantage for the growing economy of the city. It has become home to some of the leading brands of the world.

Cosmopolitan Culture
The city invites people of every race and religion with equal respect. There is no discrimination based on gender, religion, community or country of origin. People from all over to the world come and make Dubai their home and the reason is its welcoming atmosphere. The world’s diverse communities have mingled so well in the atmosphere of Dubai that even the first time from other countries does not feel out of place. You get food of all kinds and people can speak English fluently. Since English the widely spoken language in the world, you do not find language to be a barrier on your way to settling in Dubai

Zero Crime Rate
Dubai is one of the very few cities in the world which has a zero crime rate. The city is safe for women professionals; hence you might find many women entrepreneurs from across the world choosing Dubai as their city of doing business. You rarely find crimes taking place. People move freely till late into the night. Dubai has got very strict laws for criminals. So, it is not easy to commit a crime and roam around without fear here.

Tax-Free Economy
Though Dubai is not completely a tax-free nation, the tax that is levied is very people-friendly. Whether you are a local or an expatriate, you are not subjected to tax in Dubai. Individuals or businesses are not charged with taxes. Some companies have to pay taxes in some circumstances but then it is not with everyone in every situation. Many conditions apply. People and businesses enjoy 100% of their incomes. People don’t have to think about evading taxes; hence they freely make use of their money in their way. This also reduces the chance of corruption in taxation, which is common in many countries.

Final Thought
The above reasons are very genuine and make sense. Hence, we see an increasing number of businesses are choosing Dubai as their next destination for establishing their business. The city offers an excellent work environment and resources. Moreover, easy communication and transport facilities make the entire process even more convenient.

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