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October 2, 2019
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Virtual Office in Dubai

How to Find a Virtual Office in Dubai?

Dubai has gone through a massive transformation in the last 20 years. Today, it is one of the most preferred places for businesses to start their business. Its equidistance from the Eastern and Western worlds has made it the most ideal location for clients coming from all the continents, making Dubai the most loved city all over the world to start a business. Moreover, the city has created a conducive environment for businesses from everywhere to come and establish themselves here. Dubai’s business law makes it easy and convenient for businesses of all sizes to make it their home.

World-class virtual offices in Dubai are another attraction for small entrepreneurs as well as big corporate houses. The virtual offices in Dubai not only keep the cost of office spaces low which leads to an increase in profit margin, but they also take away all the worries of office maintenance and management. Virtual offices are a work environment that does not have physical space, instead provide office assistance like business address, telephone number, receptionist, fax, photocopier services for marketing and business purposes. You can use the facilities available as per your business requirements.

Who Can Pick a Virtual Office Space in Dubai?
Virtual offices are mostly preferred by independent professionals, new entrepreneurs, SMEs and freelancers in Dubai as they have limited resources and very less staff requirement. Individual professionals and SMEs find it very attractive as they get a business address in one of the most prestigious cities of the world without having to invest too big an amount as in the case of traditional office spaces.

However, these days even big corporates who are planning to own a business address in Dubai along with local telephone numbers to expand their business in this part of the world are also preferring to book virtual offices in Dubai.

Dubai Rules for Setting Up an Office
In some of Dubai’s Free Trade Zone, the current business law of Dubai allows only businesses with a good track record to set-up their business, but then they are asked to rent a physical office space, as there is no scope for virtual offices in those selected Free Trade Zones. However, to encourage business in Dubai, many free zones are opening offices with virtual office facilities to help businesses cater to their local clients conveniently. Though they do not have proper virtual office setup, they do offer a type of virtual office environment in which investors can visit as and when their need arises and use the available workspaces whenever they wish to (on FCFS basis). Some offices also offer conferencing (which can be pre-booked on an hourly basis), telephone hotlines and fax numbers, whenever needed.

Many independent professionals and freelancers prefer to work from home, but the law does not allow the homes to become the address for official correspondence. In such cases, virtual offices are the best alternative.

If you find this entire thing very complex, then hire a consultant who can guide you in the process, documentation and also finding the right virtual office for you.

Virtual Office Fees
Virtual office fees can vary from one office to another, but usually in most of the offices, the free is as low as AED 10,000 per year. This is for a business address, telephone and fax number (excluding visas or license fees). It can increase depending on the services you take.

Finding the Right Virtual Office in Dubai
Dubai is one of the most vibrant destinations today to start a business. You will find several consultants who are waiting to help you in setting up a business in the location of your choice. If you are new to the city then you should always hire an experienced consultant who can guide you in the process of establishing your business in Dubai and finding a virtual office space for your business too. The city has got a huge inventory of virtual office spaces. You need to consult a professional who can help you with finding the right one.

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