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September 27, 2019
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October 16, 2019

How Virtual Offices in Dubai are increasing the Efficiency of Freelancers?

In recent time, the world is seeing a growing number of freelancers. Thanks to Internet Technology that people can work sitting in the comfort of home and make a good income too. There are a lot of platforms for freelancing job from where they pick up their assignments and work on them from anywhere, and at the time of their own choice.

 Freelance Work in Dubai 

Just like other cities of the world, freelancing has become popular in Dubai too and in the case of Dubai, it is amongst the top cities that offer a very conducive atmosphere to its freelancers. Companies these days prefer to hire freelancers because full-time professionals have become too expensive these days. Freelancers though do not come inexpensive, yet they are not a permanent cost that the company has to bear. They are not paid regular salaries, rather they charge as per the work they do, which looks very cost-effective to the companies. Similarly, as an independent worker, freelancers are not bounded with just one company and one type of project rather they work with several companies on diverse types of projects. This characteristic of freelancing has caught the eye of many companies hence we see while more and more professionals are moving towards freelancing, more and more companies to are hiring freelancers.

 Opportunity for Freelancers

The Internet has revolutionized the way people used to work some 20 years back. Today, one can cater to clients from every part of the globe sitting at home or the place of their own choice. A professional does not need to visit client offices or sit at clients’ offices to work for them, rather clients can share their requirements through emails, and other communication mediums like Skype, WhatsApp, etc. There are online tools through which people can view each other screens to understand the work requirement and progress. To discuss the project, telephone or video conference too come as a good medium to connect with the clients. And after the work is done, the projects are delivered via these online tools or mail. Moreover, there are options to work on the open or shared environment with the use of the Internet, where freelancers can even work on tools or software from remote locations.

The growing number of opportunities has increased the potential of freelance working; hence we see freelancing is becoming the choicest option for new age professionals. The freedom, flexibility, and opportunity in freelancing are several times higher than in regular jobs. And if you have the right skills set, then nothing can beat the possibilities in freelancing.

 Important Documents for Freelancing Permission in Dubai

To get a freelance permit in Dubai (UAE), you will have to provide the following documents:

  • Updated resume
  • A copy of your passport, visa
  • A bank reference letter
  • NOC from your sponsor; in case you are applying for a permit without a visa
  • Work portfolio, only for freelancers working in the media sector
  • Certificates and Credentials to validate your eligibility, only for those working in the education sector

 Advantages of Freelancing in Dubai (UAE)

  • Freelancing is not a full-time job, yet one had enough work to cater to one’s needs
  • You are your boss and you work directly with your clients.
  • You work on assignments only when you want to
  • You have the freedom to select or reject an assignment on your wish
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You have time for yourself and family
  • At some places, you do not have to pay taxes if you are earning through freelancing.

 Virtual Offices Increasing the Efficiency of Freelancers

Usually, freelancers work from their homes. But with the popularity of virtual offices and shared office spaces, the freelancers now have started opting for these shared workspaces. The reason is they not only get a professional environment to work with full concentration, but they also get an office environment by just paying for their workstation and not the entire office. However, they get all the facilities of an office, which makes these shared offices very useful for independent workers and freelancers.

For freelancers, virtual offices too are very advantageous. Even if they choose to work from home, they can still use the facility of virtual offices for their business. They get full office assistance like emails, address for correspondence, local telephone numbers, fax facility and everything that can help them in simplifying their work. They get all these services at a very low budget and the services offered improves their efficiency level.

Virtual offices in Dubai are becoming more and more popular with freelancers and independent professionals. They not only come cheap but also come with an array of amenities that increases their productivity. Freelancers cannot afford to purchase meet rooms or conference rooms with all facilities. But with the availability of virtual offices and shared office spaces, they can avail of these facilities at very low costs. There is no continuous cost attached to the services they avail, rather they have to pay only for space and the services and that also only for the period they use them.

 Wrap Up

The cost-effectiveness, flexibility, freedom, wide range of office services and the professional atmosphere is bringing more and more freelancers to the virtual office in Dubai. Apart from the facilities, it is also the increased productivity and the professional atmosphere at a very low cost that is making virtual offices in Dubai very popular for freelancers.

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