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Coworking Europe Conference 2019

Event Name: Coworking Europe Conference 2019

Dates: 13 – 15 November 2019

Venue: PGE Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland

Co-Working – The Future of Workspaces 

In this, fast-paced and demanding world, co-working spaces are taking huge strides amidst growing demand for a more flexible, friendly, efficient and productive work environment. This demand has prompted many companies to work in the direction of creating innovative and energetic workspaces for businesses and professionals. Today, the world is coming out with numerous ideas and concepts to create spaces that encourage a healthy work-life balance for professionals across the world. The reason we see that co-working workspaces are getting massive acceptance wherever they are introduced. A lot of events, conferences, exhibitions are being held across the globe to discuss the opportunities, benefits, and outcomes from this concept of co-working that is believed to become the most widespread idea of the future work environment.

What, When and Where

Coworking Europe Conference 2019 is an annual conference highlighting the rise, demand and the opportunities of Coworking all over the world. This year it will be held between November 13 and 15, 2019 at PGE Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland. Created by (earlier known as Global Enterprise), this insightful event is a common platform for speakers and panellists from various domains to share their thoughts, ideas and best practices with the target audience who are associated with the idea since last many years and continues to contribute in their capacity of facility managers, space managers, architects, builders, designers, real estate experts and also public development agencies, city council representatives, universities and start-ups.

The event is focussed on the rise and impact of entrepreneurship, inventions, innovations and finally the future of working spaces around the globe. The three days event will be participated by 600 attendees from all around Europe, North America and every other part of the world.

What is Co-working?

To those who are new to the term, co-working spaces are physical working areas that invite start-ups, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, freelancers and professionals who have to travel a lot due to work or business purpose to work on their projects under one roof. It is a very simple and effective concept today.

The idea of co-working is not restricted to the sharing of facilities under one roof at one physical work area, rather it enables professionals to share their knowledge, disciplines, and values, collaborate, ready to adapt to changes and c0ntribute towards the community building. Currently, the concept is reaching out to expand its horizon by introducing new ideas to meet the expectation in the business and professional world. Co-working is increasingly accepted all over the world and today encourages businesses and professionals, especially the new entrepreneurs, independent professionals and start-ups to communicate, collaborate and contribute to a more effective and productive work environment.

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