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Guidelines for First-Time Office Renters in Dubai

Searching for an office for rent in Dubai is not an easy task. And if you are a first-timer in Dubai looking for an office space then your hassle increases by several times. In fact, when you decide to settle in a foreign land then you will have to adjust yourself to the laws of that land. It is definitely not easy for any entrepreneur to settle in a foreign country to begin their business. There are a lot of legal formalities that have to be taken care of and that is a lot of paperwork before you finally settle to start your business.

However, if you have chosen Dubai as your city of business then you might have already done some study before landing here. Yet, you will need a professional who can manage all the processes for you comfortably. But a more crucial factor is ensuring you have rented the right office premise to run your business smoothly. Dubai is one of the choicest cities in the world for both young entrepreneurs and big corporates. The business community finds this city most perfect, to begin with, for all the benefits it offers to businesses of all types and sizes. In recent times, it is observed people prefer to rent an office space instead of buying them and this is more prevalent with start-ups and new entrepreneurs. The reason is flexible monthly payments and affordable costs.

Here we will discuss a few factors that you should consider before renting a commercial property in Dubai:-

Find the Right Office Location

This is one of the most crucial factors when you decide to establish your business in Dubai. Dubai authorities offer different types of commercial licenses to those planning to settle their business in Dubai. Based on the license given to you, you will have to find out the most suitable location for the office for rent in Dubai to start your business.

An important thing to consider while renting an office in Dubai is the location. There are several things to take into consideration. There are different types of commercial licenses available for those running companies in Dubai. Based on your license you will need to identify what type of location is suitable for renting office space in Dubai for your business. Dubai has a dedicated free trade zone for different business sectors. So, if you have a license to run an IT company then you will have to find out a commercial office space that allows IT companies to run from there. Additionally, you will need all the facilities that will help you run your business smoothly like telephone service, Internet connections, and many other factors that won’t create hindrance during your operations.

Moreover, when you run a business you should also check for factors like accessibility from other parts of the city, outside environment, eating joints just in case you wish to go out for meals, proper parking, clean and well-maintained surroundings so that when your clients and employees come they do not feel dejected. It is very important for any business to create an ambiance of happiness around to increase the efficiency of the staff working with them. Similarly, if you have plans to open a showroom then the location should be able to get enough visitors. Whatever office for rent you find in Dubai, make sure your office is easily accessible from every part of the city and has got a very clean and well-maintained atmosphere. Location is one of the most important factors to impact the success of your business

OBK Business Centre is located very close to one of the most talked-about sights in the world, Burj Khalifa, which is also amongst the most prestigious locations for renting an office in Dubai.

Hire a Professional Consultant
It is always advisable that you hire a professional consultant who can assist you in finding a commercial property in Dubai. There are a lot of legal formalities to complete before you could start your business. With professionals by your side, your worries would be much lesser. Moreover, since they already know the market and the expected glitches in a particular sector, they can make you aware of them all on time. They know each and every location very well, and also the price of offices in different locations and other important factors. Many professional consultants have an association with commercial property owners and they can make the process easier for you. Interestingly, many commercial property owners offer a complete solution to businesses that are planning to establish their business in Dubai. Whatever be their connections, the professional consultants can be of great help while negotiating your deals on your behalf.

However, when it comes to finding an office do check if they are meeting all your business requirements. Make a checklist in advance before meeting any commercial property consultant or agent. Do mention the most important factors like accessibility, office environment, safety, parking, permissions, cleanliness, etc. in your checklist.

OBK Business Centre is one of the most ideal business hubs in Dubai offering a complete solution to companies who are planning to settle their business in Dubai.

Fix Your Budget
Budget is another most crucial factor that you must not neglect. Plan your budgets carefully. Make sure that the office for rent in Dubai that you are looking for is within your budget plans. Find out if there is any hidden cost of the property that you are planning to take on rent. Ensure that you discuss everything very clearly with the property owner and do not forget to get everything mentioned in your papers so that in future the owners do not take advantage of your innocence or unawareness by including hidden costs in your monthly rental. Follow the RERA index to find out all the possibilities of your rental increases so that it does not come as a disheartening surprise when it is time for renewal of your agreement of office for rent in Dubai.

OBK Business Centre in Dubai offers an extensive array of office spaces that are available to fit every budget size. You can contact OBK Business Centre for further details.

Paperwork Must be in Order

Paperwork is most crucial when you plan to settle your business at a new place. Every place has some legal formalities that have to be followed else your business will invite unnecessary hassles in the form of legal actions, which might close all the doors of establishing your business in Dubai even in the future. So, make sure you have all your paper in place when you apply for a business license in Dubai. Do check for all the permissions and do the paperwork if required to allow yourself permissions. In Dubai, since all real estate transactions are regulated by Ejari, it is very important that all terms and conditions are properly mentioned in the contract to avoid any disagreements in the future. Do check all the information carefully. All the information about your business that is registered must be mentioned correctly in your contract, which will also include the nature of your business. If you have selected any property that requires modifications and installations, etc. then ensure all of these are mentioned in the contract. This will help in clarity of the contract you have with your property owner and there won’t be any chances of dispute in the future. In Dubai, there is a proper demarcation in the purpose of the commercial spaces. An office cannot be used as a warehouse or otherwise. Therefore, it is essential that you have all the papers in order that includes, nature of your business, proof of ownership, permissions available, the status of the premise, modification and installation expected, etc.

OBK Business Centre with its full-length services in commercial properties in office for rent in Dubai offers a complete solution for the companies looking forward to settling their business in this most lovely city in the world.

Arrange Your Office Space in Dubai

Find out various options before you finalise with any consultant. Talk to several consultants, take advice from local business partners or friends who are in business. Try doing some online research. Consult someone who is an expert in arranging your office as per your business requirement. You will have to check the water and electricity connections with DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). Make sure all the resources are insured against damages so that you do not fall into any kind of problem due to some absurd reason. Hire a consultant who can make proper arrangements for your office interiors. If you rent a fitted office that has everything planned properly for you and is in a ready-to-use state, you may not have to do everything except customising the office as per your business needs, but just in case if you have rented a property that has no pre-arranged furniture, fittings, and other office equipment then you will also have to include the cost of office arrangements into your budget. You can either buy your equipment or even lease them, whatever suits your needs and budget.

OBK Business Centre is one of the most prestigious names in the sphere of office for rent in Dubai. You can choose from its wide spectrum of serviced offices, shared office spaces, co-working spaces, day offices, virtual offices and more, all to suit the diverse business needs of local as well as global businesses coming from across the world.

Wrap Up
Starting a business is not an easy task. When you decide to start, a lot of things come along like, finding the right office location, identifying ideal office space, warehouse, paperwork, communications, transportations, equipment, furniture, accessibility, environment and more. It is very crucial to give proper attention to every single detail so that it does not end up with unbearable losses.

OBK Business Centre is here to assist you in establishing your business in Dubai very smoothly. If you have any queries regarding the office for rent in Dubai, then do not hesitate to write to us or call us on our number.

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