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7 Key Points to Consider While Searching for Serviced Offices in Dubai

Serviced offices are becoming a rage all over the world for the last many years. The present demand proves that in the coming years, the demand for serviced offices in Dubai will grow. The city is already home to people and businesses from everywhere. The environment and the excellent amenities available make it amongst the most preferred cities for doing business in the world. Dubai has many excellent business hubs, well-planned and ideally designed to meet the diverse business interests of the global business community.

Below are some key points to consider while searching for serviced offices in Dubai.

1. Location
Location is important when you go searching for serviced offices in Dubai. Search for localities that are easily accessible and reachable. Dubai has got a wide-ranging business centre with a huge inventory of serviced offices. The options are wide, both amenities and size-wise. You can choose the one that best suits your needs. You also have the choice to customise your office as per your business requirements. There are business centre owners in Dubai who offer a complete solution including customisation. To make your job of settling your business in Dubai easier, hire a consultant who deals in a complete solution of serviced offices renting.

2. Budget
Budget is a very essential part of your business. No profitable business would like to spend on unnecessary activities or services. Businesses that plan their budget sensibly and intelligently are the only ones that succeed in their goal. Renting an office is not all that you have to invest in while starting a business or opening a new office. There are other expenses too. Start investing in office space sensibly. If you are looking for well-maintained aesthetically designed offices at a low budget then serviced offices are the most ideal option for you. You have all the options available as per your business size, type, and location.

3. Connectivity
This is another very crucial factor to consider while searching for serviced offices in Dubai. Look for localities that are well-connected to all the parts of the city and is easily reachable using any mode of transportation. Find out the workspace that you have chosen for your office is connected to the city by metro, road, cabs and every other transportation option available in Dubai. If the office location is not easily reachable or located in some very remote congested place, then your employees would find it tough reaching your office, which can affect the productivity of your team. Even the clients would find it frustrating, and that may lead to business losses. The overall business would get affected if you choose the wrong location for your office.

4. Environment
You cannot ignore this while searching for serviced offices in Dubai. Though Dubai is an excellent city with some of the most appealing business centres, yet you should be very careful about how the environment is and if it would be favourable for your business while searching for office space. The environment does not only mean the atmosphere inside or outside the office. It should send good vibes both internally and externally. How friendly the outer atmosphere is? Is the interior appealing to you? Are you feeling optimistic? Will it encourage your staff to be productive? How effective it will be for your business. The sitting arrangements, the equipment, the conference facility, the serviced office staff, how is everything you will have to see before you move in.

5. Locality
Is the locality good enough for your business? What are the facilities available in the locality? Do check the options of restaurants, bars, open space, shops, small eateries, snacks & beverages corners, greenery, landscape, banks, etc. Many times, you feel like going out for meals with your colleagues, or you might have to take your client or partner for lunch. These are situations when you might feel the need for good restaurants and bars. Shopping is one of the most ideal options to take a break from monotonous activities. While going returning to home, you might feel like carrying something for your parents, spouse or kids, this is when you will want shops to be around. Greenery makes the environment fulfilling and vibrant. So, ensure your serviced office in Dubai has enough greenery around. Small eateries and snacks & beverages corners are a welcome option for almost all working people, as they are a great option for mid-time breaks.

6. Services and Facilities
This is something for which you are opting for a serviced office in Dubai. You want everything to be taken care of by the service provider and you are ready to pay for it. Find out what are services are available in the office. From ready-to-use workspaces, conferencing facilities, meeting rooms, cabins, lounges to cafeteria, library, parking, CCTV cameras, 24×7 office assistance, Wi-Fi, Internet connectivity, water supply, electricity, maintenance, sanitation, all necessary office equipment, and more. Try to find out if the service office owner is offering these facilities or not. There are many other facilities that you might want in serviced offices in Dubai and you can always ask before finalising. Yes, once you are convinced make sure you get everything mentioned in your agreement papers to avoid any future disputes.

7. Aesthetics
This is a very significant factor while searching for a serviced office in Dubai. Though the city takes care of office aesthetics very well, knowing the growing demand for its discerning business community, yet it is advisable that you do see it through your own eyes. Every business has some specific aesthetic needs, and the serviced offices in Dubai gives you the option to customise it as per your choice and need. It helps in making your office environment productive for your employees and office atmosphere appealing to your clients.

The above key points will definitely help you find the right serviced office in Dubai for your business.

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