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How to Obtain an Investor Visa in Dubai UAE?

Investors are the key players behind every business entity, and no business can survive without an investor as they are the backbone to start and succeed in any business. After the advent of globalisation, companies worldwide saw an opportunity to try their luck beyond their national boundaries and expand in other regions. As a result, we saw a significant shift of businesses from one location to another, even to another country/continent. This trend was visible in Dubai (the United Arab Emirates) too. Once a small port city, Dubai saw a sea of transformation after globalisation. Today it is considered one of the most preferred booming business hubs by the global business community concerning their establishment and expansion. Free trade zones in the emirates are developed to attract foreign investors to set up a business in the UAE. If you are looking for investment opportunities in Dubai, you need not worry much, as this vibrant port city is amongst the most flourishing investment platforms in the world today. UAE also allows its foreign investors to repatriate the entire capital and profits made.

To start with the process of establishing your business in the UAE, you will first need a valid passport and Visa. If you are coming to the UAE to start a business, you will need none other but an investor visa.

Investor Visa in Dubai

Here in this blog, we will try to understand what an investor visa is and how to get it.

What is an Investor Visa?

An investor visa can be obtained by foreign investors in Dubai (UAE) to enter, stay, do business, and exit the nation. Also known as a partner visa, it is a pass or a document that permits the investor to be involved in various business activities.

An investor visa is issued by the Ministry of UAE and stamped by the UAE Consulate. It is issued for a duration of 3 years. An investor needs to deposit an amount of AED 10,000 and visa charges to obtain a visa for investment or start a business in Dubai. Renewal of the Visa is compulsory before expiry for continued business activities in the emirates.

Investors can also opt for cancellation and exit from the nation if not satisfied with the investment made.

Necessary Documents Required to Initiate the Process

For Entry Visa

  • Copy of Passport
  • Photograph for Visa Application
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association (for LLC)
  • Trade License Copy
  • Partner’s List (for LLC)
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for a professional license)
  • Copy of Partnership Contract (for a professional license)
  • Emirates ID of other partners
  • Immigration Establishment Card copy
  • Bank Statement for last six months

For Medical

  • Typed application
  • Copies of passport
  • Copies of Visa
  • Two photographs for visa application

For Visa Stamping

  • Photograph with white background
  • Emirates ID form
  • Original Visa, Medical Certificate, Passport, Immigration Establishment Card, LLC Agreement, Partner’s List and License Copy

Benefits of Holding an Investor Visa

Below are some of the benefits of holding an investor visa in Dubai (UAE):

  • Exemption from corporate tax
  • 100% repatriation of investments and profits earned
  • The investor can hire global talent
  • The validity of visa tenure can be extended
  • UAE Investor Visa makes the holder eligible for a residence visa and Emirates ID
  • Easier to open a corporate bank account in UAE

Minimum Cost

The minimum cost to acquire an investor visa is AED 9,000 in Dubai.

Different Fees for Investor Visa 

Description Fee
Investor Visa Entry Permit Application AED 360
To get the visa Inside the Country AED 680
Visa Position Amendment AED 510
Medical AED 300
Emirates ID for 3 years AED 370
Visa Stamping for 3 years AED 760


Need Help in Visa Processing?

We at OBK Business Centre help entrepreneurs, business owners, and startups set up their dream businesses with ease. We understand that Visa is one of the essential documents for foreign investors in Dubai (UAE) to do business effectively. Therefore, we include visa services along with other business setup services for investors here and have all the steps to make transit or incorporations a hassle-free process:-

  • Visa application process
  • Visa stamping
  • Visa renewal
  • Visa cancellation
  • Visa extension
  • Tracking visa proceedings

To initiate your investor visa processing, feel free to contact us today. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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