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Trade Name Registration

Everything You Need to Know About Trade Name Registration with DED

Trade name registration, also called company name registration, is the first step in the process of company formation in the UAE done in the UAE’s Economic Department. All commercial enterprises aiming to form a company in the United Arab Emirates have to register their trade name to obtain approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED) for smooth operations. But before you think of trade name registration, there are many things that you will need to take into consideration. We will discuss every detail in this post—the necessary documents and other essentials and a complete understanding of the entire process.

Why is Trade Name Registration Essential in UAE?

A trade name is the official name of a business or enterprise that companies use to run their business and give an identity to their entity. All entities need to secure a trading name by registering with their respective DED before starting with trade license insurance formalities.

However, you must follow all the instructions as per the UAE commercial property rules, more so if you are proceeding for an LLC company registration here. In addition, approval of the Department of Economic Development in respective emirates is necessary to register the company’s trade name.

How to Register a Trade Name in the UAE?

In the UAE, trade name registration is done simply by filling up an application form and submitting it to the Economic Department. You will also need to submit all necessary documents along with the application. You will also have to pay trade name registration fees for the same. The process can be accomplished either by an offline or online medium. You can also hire a professional business setup or company formation consultant in Dubai to get it done conveniently.

How Much Time is Required for a Trade Name Registration?

Trade name registration does not take more than 24 hours.

How much is the Trade Name Registration Fees?

The registration fees for trade names in the UAE depend on the Economic Department of the emirates you register your business and trade name with.

Below are the minimum fees charged by the Dubai Economic Department (subject to change):

  • Trade name registration fees in Dubai is AED 620.
  • If you want to register a foreign name, the registration fee is AED 2000.

Talk to your business setup consultant for more information on the trade name or company registration fees of any other emirates in the UAE.

What are the Reasons for Trade Name Registration Disqualification in the UAE?

Trade name registration is nothing but securing a name for your company by which it will be identified. Here are some reasons that can invalidate your trade name for registration.

  • The trade name should be compulsorily unique. The authorities disqualify duplicate names.
  • Misleading trade names can also lead to disqualification by the DED authorities. Should not mislead consumers by being similar to other trade names or a name that can create doubts in the minds of consumers and that does not communicate the business types or activities of a company. For example, a trading name containing the word ‘Gold’ in it, but does not deal in anything close to gold.
  • Also, you do not get approval for your trade name if it breaches the public order or hurts sentiments.
  • The Department of Economic Development in the UAE keeps a check that the company name registration in UAE is performed in line with the commercial activity.
  • Also, trade names should not have any religious connotation or association.
  • Affiliations with the ruling authority too can reject your request for trade name registration.

Above, we have tried to give you an insight into the process of trade name registration in the UAE. However, if you want further information regarding company formation, or anything related to this, you must hire a professional business setup consultant for a hassle-free service.

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