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April 8, 2020
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COVID19 Pandemic is Compelling Businesses to opt for Virtual Offices

With COVID 19 pandemic knocking every door, we never know what is in store for businesses in the next few months, but that should not discourage us, rather we should strengthen ourselves to take more people-friendly decisions. Yes, we cannot stop and we will have to continue to fight this crisis and help the global business remain stable in this bad time. The global business community is looking for ways to overcome the constantly falling international markets. The country heads are encouraging businesses to operate from home if their businesses allow so. This has made most of the business across the world to operate from home. Along with this move, many companies have started moving out of their physical offices. This is when the need for virtual offices in emerging in many parts of the world.

What is a Virtual Office and How Can It Help?
Virtual office spaces are no new concept but very popular in the circles of independent professionals and start-ups for their pocket-friendly services, but due to the limitation that businesses are facing today due to global health crisis, it is making inroads even in the boardrooms of big corporations, many of which have already started opting for virtual offices for uninterrupted business communication. In this hour when social distancing is of primary

Virtual offices are offices without physical space that can help you run your business without your presence. Yes, you will only need to book them and tell the service providers your requirements and rest can be taken care of by them. Though virtual offices have limited services keeping the very basic needs of the companies in view, yet their services are good enough to remain in action and connected with the rest of the world.

What Exactly Do You Get in Virtual Offices?
The services are limited but good enough to help you function smoothly in this hour when the world is fighting the COVID19 crisis. Since companies and professionals are forced to confine themselves in their homes to stop it from spreading farther, they are looking for options that can help them function virtually for official purposes that do not require a physical presence in offices. However, one cannot deny the fact that virtual offices though have captured a very big section of professionals and small enterprises, it has all the qualities to become the future of all businesses in the years to come for the flexibility and freedom they offer is matchless.

When you are working from home you are not able to receive official calls 24×7, nor is your home equipped to receive all emails and process them. Even if you might want to do it, the business norms set in many countries won’t allow you for that. You can just do your tasks related to your business but when it comes to business communication, you will require an office address and a business phone/fax number. Similarly, for logistics, you will need an office address and virtual offices comes as a great relief for you. Maybe virtual offices will not be able to handle all your calls and emails without your intervention, but they are well-trained to make the job easier for you in this COVID19 crisis.

What Do Virtual Offices Do?
Virtual offices are equipped to manage daily official mails of companies and also attend to (make and receive calls) official calls. For companies looking for business address and local telephone number, virtual offices are the most ideal options. Moreover, many virtual offices are also armed with facilities for business meetings and conferences. And some also offer receptionist services and office assistance (like dropping mails) to home/office, but only when there are urgency and on-demand.

While you can operate from home, much of your invisible tasks can be operated from virtual offices, which does not require a big workforce. To run the operation of several companies from the same points virtual offices do not need to employ a huge team, rather a very small team can manage the work of all their clients. At this time when the crowd should be avoided to the maximum or even when you choose to work from home or remote location just for a change or for some personal or business purpose, virtual offices seem to the right resort for the smooth functioning of the business. In a gist, one can say, not just today, seeing the growing change in the workspace culture and growing demand for work-life balance, virtual office spaces will soon become an office space solution for all future businesses too.

Who Can Opt for Virtual Offices?
When virtual offices were designed, the idea was to serve businesses that were either operating from home or remote locations or those whose requirements were only office address and local telephone number for marketing and business communication purposes to reach out to local marketplaces.

Usually, virtual offices are favourites with independent professionals who prefer to work from home or freelancers or start-ups that cannot afford physical office business and needs an office address and local telephone number for business communication. Many big multinationals also opt for virtual offices when their purpose is to possess local addresses and telephone numbers to capture the local market.

From, the above examples we can conclude that virtual offices are fit for all types and sizes of business. You can choose to go to offices only when you have some very urgent meetings and these offices are well-equipped to offer you a business meeting and conference facilities on demand.

How Can Virtual Offices Help During COVID 19 Crisis?
It is observed that companies are fast leaving their physical office space as the need for physical space has shrunk in the last couple of months due to COVID19 scare, which requires social distancing as one of the major preventive measures. This has led the businesses to look for options that can help them in business communication services while their workforce can work from home. While businesses are asking their workforces to operate from their home, they also need an official address to function appropriately, as many of its operations cannot be done from home. Home cannot be the office address in all the cases, every business would need a place that can be their business address for all business communication that would require an office address and office telephone number/fax. There are additional services like receptionist and conferencing facilities that are available on demand.

Virtual offices are turning out to be the most perfect option in this hour of global lockdown. It not only helps you while you work remotely in the location of your choice, but it also comes very pocket-friendly. Companies that can foresee that the next few months will see a huge fall in business opportunities, most are trying to save as much as they can. Virtual offices will help you not only in social isolation while you work safely within the confines of your house, but it also saves you from booking physical office space that you don’t need at this time.

The popularity of Virtual Offices in Dubai is not New

The virtual office concept is not a new office space concept but exists for the last couple of decades. The purpose of virtual offices is to provide business communication support to companies when they cannot be physically present or choose to work remotely or from home. Even before COVID 19 crisis struck the world, virtual offices in Dubai or elsewhere were popular with independent professionals and start-ups or small enterprises and even multinational companies that seek just local business presence.

Virtual office spaces are one of the many office space options the city has been serving businesses since last more than a decade or two. The reason is the convenience, comfort, and low budget that virtual offices offer. Businesses can avail of mailing services, a dedicated telephone line, fax, office address in one of the prestigious locations in the city, and a receptionist too on demand without being present physically there. They can also book meeting and conference facilities on demand that is as and when they require it. This option of office space in Dubai helps businesses in managing their business communication even if they do not have their own physical offices. Virtual offices are also used for logistic management purposes by companies. The concept is though not new but is futuristic looking at the growing crisis all over the world. With the huge inventory of virtual offices, the city can easily meet the expectations of the businesses looking for virtual offices in Dubai. The offices are well-managed by the owners and have proved to be a great solution for businesses in almost every part of the world.

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