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Work From Home-Virtual Office

Combine Working from Home with Virtual Office Assistance to Increase Productivity

The Virtual Office is a term that is very familiar to almost all professionals and businesses now. Not very new, it had very occasional use unless someone needed it due to its low cost or as a representative branch in a new location. Once used mainly by startups, independent professionals, freelancers, new businesses, and a new branch office by big companies for representations at a new location; virtual offices have become a new trend after the unexpected Covid19 pandemic worldwide.

Remote Working Fast Catching Up with both Startups and Corporates

Before Covid 19 knocked the world, we often saw young people occupying corners in cafes, tapping their laptop keyboards, and talking to someone over their headphones on some work-related thing. And it used to be a perennial scene in almost all cafes. If you try to know about them, you will find out they are working for some startup, holding top positions, or planning to open a startup, or maybe they are independent professionals working as a consultant for big corporate houses. You will find one thing common about them, and that is, they are not always alone. Many have teams that work at various locations in a similar manner or maybe from their home (as per their convenience). However, they work almost entirely remotely, and they maintain a small office in some obscure location, invisible yet running to manage their business communication and logistics.

After the advent of cloud computing and cloud-based application, remote working has become common in many places. And it emerged as a game-changer during the Covid-19 crises when almost all companies had to work remotely to maintain social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus. Commuting to a fixed location every day and remain confined to the office cubicles for the entire office hour is no longer a compulsion.

Advantages of Virtual Working Environment

The advancement in technology now helps companies perform their office jobs from anywhere with an internet connection. What was common for small companies and startups to manage their finances has become familiar even with big corporate houses. Covid has made working from home or a remote area the new normal. An increasing number of organisations, large and small, are now taking advantage of a virtual working environment, remote working, and telecommuting.

OBK Business Centre Virtual Offices are the Perfect Solution

You get everything necessary to support a remote-working environment. Here are a few convincing reasons that encourage companies to choose virtual offices at OBKBC:

  • Prime Location 

If you are new in business, you will never want to spend money on office premises. With new technologies helping you work remotely, you will look for options that can provide you with an office address at a city’s prime location without spending huge. OBKBC virtual offices offer excellent office addresses to people looking for a virtual working environment.

  • Easy Business Communication

At OBK Business Centre, you get complete virtual office services – starting from a dedicated telephone line, mailing services, call receiving, call forwarding, receptionist on-demand, business communication service, 24/7 access to a voicemail box, and mail and fax handling as per customer instructions. You can also use the office premises whenever you need for business meeting and conference purposes. You get access to fully-equipped meeting/conference rooms and business lounge as and when you need them at exclusive costs.

  • Reduced Cost

Virtual offices are comparatively cheaper than physical and traditional offices, as you save the actual money required for office setup and other daily office supplies and management. Moreover, you pay for the services by the hour. You do not pay for an entire period of a month or year. You pay for what you use. It helps them in spending more on people and their growth.

  • Improved Productivity

Remote workers have proved to be more motivated and productive.

  • Saves Time and Money

With OBKBC virtual offices, you get to travel less to the office premises as all your business communication is taken care of by the office administration professionally. Moreover, you don’t have to spend money on setting up your office.

  • Attractive Virtual Office Packages

You get attractive virtual office packages on office amenities and secretarial support services.

  • Annual Subscription Discount

Avail of 50% Discount on Annual Subscriptions. Our Annual Subscription Discount Package includes – Business Address Package, Telephone Answering Package, and Address and Telephone Package.

With an efficient virtual environment, you can climb the next level in your business effectively and successfully.

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