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May 10, 2021
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What Do You Need to Set Up a Business in Dubai Mainland?

Dubai has become one of the fastest-growing cities globally in terms of growing business opportunities and its uninterrupted development for the last several years. Therefore, the Emirate of Dubai offers a very favourable environment for investors and entrepreneurs to prosper.

Companies in mainland Dubai have permission to trade within the local markets and run business internationally. But, before you start your business, you will need to acquaint yourself with the various facts related to the company formation in Dubai. It will help avoid the problems you may face while launching a profitable enterprise in the United Arab Emirates.

Benefits of Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

The Dubai mainland is the most preferred choice for company formation where you can establish your business. The business opportunities and facilities available on the Mainland make it a perfect destination to start a business. In addition, you can avoid paying any personal and corporate taxes by following the company formation process in Dubai Mainland. These features make the Mainland a favourable place for business owners who plan to set up their branch offices. However, the process of starting a business in a new location is naturally complicated. New company formation and business setup is a job that requires proper knowledge and rational thinking about the whole procedures and markets connected.

Here are the benefits of company formation in Dubai Mainland:-

  • Choose your office locations anywhere in Dubai
  • Easy employment visas process
  • Hassle-free company setup procedures for the license and registration
  • Have access to the UAE and GCC government projects
  • Mainland business in Dubai enjoys a 100% corporate tax exemption
  • No currency restrictions
  • Operate your business from anywhere in the UAE
  • One can trade internationally and expand its business in the global market

Why Choose Dubai for Your Business Setup?

Dubai is well-connected to the world and offers the best transportation, sustainability, and other world-class facilities within easy reach. To summarise, Dubai Mainland is politically, socially, and economically accessible, favourable for a company setup.

Additionally, Dubai ranks as one of the top cities for the global business community. It has one of the world’s most significant ports, connecting to numerous ports in 6 continents. A relaxed taxation business location, Dubai is a city with cosmopolitan culture. Also, rated as one of the safest cities globally, it houses more than 52,000 millionaires (and growing) with the lowest crime rate.

Requirements to Setup your Business in Dubai Mainland

Here are a few criteria to keep in mind before you plan to business setup in Dubai Mainland:-

  • A foreign investor or a business owner must hire a service agent or a local sponsor who must be a UAE National. As per the local rules, the local sponsor will hold 51% of the total shares in the business, and the foreign investor and other shareholders will have the remaining 49%.
  • In a business with a professional license, a foreign investor will hold 100% shares. But they will have to hire a local service agent for assistance in the company.
  • The minimum office space area needed to start a business in Dubai Mainland is 200 sq ft.
  • It is mandatory to receive approvals from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Municipality (DM), Ministry of Labor (MoL), Ministry of Interior (MoI), and other concerned authorities for company formation in Dubai mainland.

If you can meet these requirements, you can quickly start a business in Dubai.

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