PRO Services in Dubai UAE

Benefits of PRO Services in Dubai

Establishing a business in Dubai is simple, but when it comes to handling documentation, approvals, clearances and drafting of contracts and agreements, it might become challenging. Moreover, it is more tiring to manage the entire company formation process for individuals who are not aware of the facility they can avail of from PRO service providers in Dubai.

PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Businesses in the United Arab Emirates hire a Government Liaison Officer, known as a Public Relations Officer, who assists in processing legal documents, such as license applications, labour cards, business documentation, approvals and more.

To establish your company in Dubai (UAE), you will require numerous legal formalities and paperwork to obtain licenses and approvals. This is when our PRO Service will help you with our specialised resources.

Why are PRO Services Essential?

Below are the PRO Services that you will require for your business setup in Dubai:

  • Documents processing in various government departments
  • Attestation of critical legal documents through a public notary
  • Processing and renewal of both existing and new employees
  • Registration of trademark, copyright and patent
  • Applying for approvals and no-objection certificates (NOC) from the government departments
  • Translation of various legal documents into Arabic
  • Applying and renewal of business licenses
  • Documents clearance from Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce

Above are just a few tasks you can avail of for your company formation.

What are the Key Benefits of Hiring PRO services in Dubai?

There are several advantages to working with PRO services companies in Dubai. Some of the reasons are:

  • You save costs by not hiring an internal liasoning officer or representative.
  • There is more transparency and accountability of the work.
  • Now, you can focus on your core business while you allot the hassle of managing paperwork, documentation, approvals and submission to a PRO Services consultant.
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience to save time and obtain a competitive advantage.
  • Hassle-free and convenient operation as you get timely updates on any new and revised regulation needs, ensuring timely adherence. It saves you from a lot of legal hassles and penalties.
  • Increases your productivity time as you save yourself from hoping to different government offices and legal bodies, standing in queues for submissions and approvals of documents. You do not need to spend separate time to keep yourself updated on revised rules and regulations.
  • With PRO services, you will receive valid bills, vouchers, and receipts.
  • Your documents are in trustworthy hands, protecting you from unlawful and fraudulent use.
  • You get timely reminders for all your necessary business requirements for license renewals and other regular updates. Also, it saves you from costly mistakes.
  • Additionally, all your complex paperwork can be done without mistakes.

How to Get Started with PRO Services?

We at OBK Business centre can act as the Government Liaison Officer (PRO) for companies and their staff. We have a panel of highly qualified experts who are well trained and informed about all the government rules and legal procedures. This helps us deliver our PRO services in Dubai with much professionalism. We can assist our clients with company formation, license, company registration and other PR services for a quick and convenient business set up in the Mainland and Free Zones. Our services are customised as per the requirements and business activities that comply with all the legal formalities in the UAE. You just need to contact us and let us know your concerns about your business setup processes, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

PRO Services in Dubai

FAQs for PRO Services

What are PRO Services in UAE?
PRO services encompass all operations associated with the processing of government documents and paperwork, such as visa applications, labor cards, and corporate trade licensing documentation and approvals.
What is a PRO in Dubai, UAE?
PROs, or Public Relations Officers, are government-certified professionals who work to establish channels of communication between companies and the government.
What services does PRO provide?
● Work permits and immigration documents
● Visas for residents and employees
● Copyright and trademark
● Trade license approval and renewal
● NOC letters and regulatory permits
● Establishing a company bank account
● Company and branch establishment
● License renewals and modifications on an annual basis
● Emirate identification card
Can your PRO manage our company's transactions with governmental bodies?
Yes, our PROs are skilled professionals in the industry. They have extensive expertise in dealing on a daily basis with all government agencies. You can count on them to manage all of your PRO services effortlessly, and they'll provide all the support you need to ensure compliance with local laws.
Who Requires PRO Services?
You require PRO services for your company or organization to apply for visas for corporate workers or their family members. The services can also be used to obtain visas for business founders, partners, and their families to settle in Dubai. Furthermore, if your company has more than 50 employees, you can engage PRO service Dubai.

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