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Freezone Company Formation Dubai UAE

Dubai, once known for its oil industry, has changed in the last 2 decades. Among the top global cities and a favourite business hub, the city offers diverse business models that drive the economy in the region. To cater to the growing influx of foreign investors and in order to boost the economy, free zones have been set up in Dubai, considered as a lucrative option for foreign nationals in establishing their business in the Emirates.

The government organisations in Dubai handles the registration formalities of the Freezone Authority in Dubai for the issuance of business licenses to non-resident individuals or businesses owned by foreign investors for company formation in Dubai free trade zones. Dubai Freezone allows a sea of opportunities to businesses for networking, collaborating along with an extensive scope of growth in the business. The tax regime is appealing in the free trade zone and companies are also offered many incentives by the authorities.

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Business Setup Freezone Dubai

How a Business Setup Benefitted from Dubai Free Zone Registration?

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, superb business amenities, easy government policies, duty and tax exemptions, and outstanding facilities, free trade zones have become the most favourable locations for business setups in Dubai.
Above mentioned are a few factors that drive Dubai freezone company formation. However; you can find many more benefits of forming a company in Dubai below:

  • Anyone can register a company including individuals
  • 100% ownership for investors, regardless of their country of origin and nationality
  • 100% tax exemption on personal or corporate income or gains
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No import and export duties
  • Easy to manage office setup and warehouse
  • Exemption on corporate tax for 15 years, renewable for another 15 years
  • Operations are kept completely confidential
  • Permitted to engage with international business
  • Minimal renewal charges
  • Free to hold properties, participate in several activities, and open a bank account in Dubai
  • The option of liquidating anytime
  • Easy to obtain in housing facilities, staff visas, and other support services

What are the Types of Licenses for Dubai Free Zone?

The following licenses are offered by freezone authorities for Dubai free zone business setup:

Trading License

Trading license allow companies to operate in trading activities like buying, import & export, and selling of a limited number of commodities.

General Trading Activities

After obtaining a general trading licence one can engage in trading of all types of goods, with an exemption on a few banned products. You will need special approval with this license to engage in banned products.

Service License

To deal with activities like consulting, accountancy, etc. services license need to be acquired.

Industrial License

To carry out manufacturing, packaging and processing activities, companies need to obtain this license.

What Are the Necessary Documents to Apply for a Business Setup in Free Zone?

To Obtain a Business License

  • Coloured copy of shareholder(s)’ passport and visa, if applicable
  • Application form
  • Business plan
  • Board resolution
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)

To Open a Bank Account

  • A corporate account opening form
  • A board of directors’ resolution sanctioning the opening of the account, and the signatories to the account
  • A copy of your company’s certificate of incorporation
  • A copy of your share certificate
  • A copy of the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)
  • Copies of passports for all partners in the company

FAQs for Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone

What is a Free Zone Company in UAE?
Free Zone is an authority where a business owner of any nationality can have 100% ownership of their company, which is not a possibility in Mainland jurisdiction. The companies in the free zone are exempted from import and export duties. They are also given a designated area to function. Additionally, there is 100% repartition of capital and profits.
What is the Number of Visas/Work Permits a Free Zone Company Can Get?
The number of visas/work permits depends on the jurisdiction the company is registered within the free trade zone. Also, the office space size that enterprise has leased for the purpose.
What are the Free Zone Business Categories in Dubai, UAE?
The different types of companies that you can set up in the UAE free zones are:- ● Private free zone company ● en-commendam branch of an international company ● Branch of the company already working in Dubai ● Professional services

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