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4 Factors to Consider Before Booking a Meeting and Conference Facility in Dubai

Finding out a world-class meeting and conference facilities in Dubai can not only be a time-consuming job but a tiring one too when the city offers a wide array of premium meeting and conference options for the businesses of all sizes. You have got endless venues to choose from in Dubai. Either you plan to book a meeting room in hotels or can also opt for dedicated meeting rooms in business hubs of the city. You have to choose the one that suits your business interests.

To help you find the right meeting and conference rooms and facilities in Dubai, we will discuss a few factors below that you can consider while searching.

1. Venue
This is one of the most important factors to consider while searching for a meeting and conference facility in Dubai. Find out a venue that is convenient for the attendees to travel. There should be easy connectivity from every part of the city. The venue that chooses must have free-parking for the guests and visitors. If you opt for dedicated meeting and conference rooms that are experts in conducting meetings then you will find everything as per your meeting needs. Do check both the options before finalising.

2. Know Your Budget
Before you start searching for your meeting and conference facility in Dubai, do fix a budget that you would invest for all the preparations. Stick to your plans to avoid any kind of temptations offers by the service providers that can break your budget plans. Do not get enticed by expensive venues that might increase your budget unnecessarily. Also, do not go for cheaper venues as that might be even more worrying as they might not be able to provide you with the services that you would have expected for your events. Find out a venue that gives good value for your money, offers excellent services and is well-equipped with necessary facilities and amenities. Check the star marks, awards and recognition of the venue before booking.

3. Facilities and Services
Before you decide to make the booking do discuss the facilities and services with the venue owner. Check if the venue is well-prepared and well-maintained to manage your events. Find out if the venue has got all the meeting and conference facilities. Find out how much equipped the venue is to hold meetings and conferences of big corporate houses. The LED screens, WiFi connectivity, Internet connections, telephone services, meal services, assistance during the event, and other requirements that are a must for the day.

4. Venue Space
This is another most important factor to consider before booking for the event. You know the number of guests who would be attending your event. Book your venue based on the number of guests. The venue must be well-equipped to accommodate all your guests comfortably. The entire venue should be well-maintained. If you are planning a big event then opt for venues that have got ample spaces, restaurants, accommodation facilities, leisure facilities, outdoor spaces, etc.

Quick Look at the Venue Site

Here are a few points that you should consider when you decide to pay a visit to the venue before the event date:-

• How good they are in receiving you?
• How clean the meeting and conference rooms are?
• Is the venue well-maintained?
• Are the rooms well maintained?
• Do they have a car parking facility? Is it free parking? Know the capacity.
• Do they offer catering services?
• Meet the chefs, ask them for sample food and discuss your menu before you book
• How well-behaved the staff is?
• How friendly and inviting they are?
• Check the meeting, training and conference facilities. Are they as per your need?
• Check if there is an outside space that can use during breaks.

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